Tuesday, May 27

Top Ten Things I Want To Do This Summer

Down to 10 days almost single digits...oh I can't wait so to organize my thoughts I decided I need to join in on this fun linky party.

So in no particular order I want to 

1. RELAX!! (at least when I can) 

2. BEACH DAYS- I don't care if I go solo or with a group. There is just something about being at the beach. 

3. CAMPING- Have at least 3 more trips in the works. 

4. WORK CONSTRUCTION- It is ridiculous how excited I am to get back to swinging a hammer and powering that saw. 

5. ORGANIZING MY TEACHING MATERIALS- I got my dream teaching job almost 2 months ago. I finally feel like I am in a position where I will be for more than a year and feel it is time to start simplifying all these random materials I have kept just in case, but would never be able to find.
(This is only a fraction of my stuff..just like you I am sure.)

6. PLAN FOR NEXT YEAR - This goes along with number 5, but I get a lot of freedom of what to teach. That's right Common Core is not what the world revolves around anymore. I am scared, excited, full of ideas, creative ideas, and have been stopping myself to stop planning for next year when I don't even have next week planned. 

7. START TRAINING - I plan on doing my first half-marathon in October. This is huge for me. Less than 6 years ago running was not my thing. I have been told I am not built to run. It hasn't stopped me yet. 

8. ENJOY WHERE I LIVE- I live where many people come to vacation. It can get frustrating with so many tourists but I need to take advantage of it. 

9. COMPLETE PI-YO - Not sure if you were aware of this amazing program coming out in June. It is a mix of pilates, yoga created to build up your flexibility so excited to do this program. There is just something about doing yoga and pilates that makes me feel so strong. 

10. ENJOY LIFE- Spend time with friends, family, and time outdoors. Life is too short and I need to live it up while I can. 

Thursday, May 1

IT'S MAY!!!!

I know I have been absent for awhile. It has been the year where I have just been beaten down too much by the day to day stuff leaving little time for everything else, but that is all about to change...
Listening- Spring peepers! Once you hear them it means spring. I am absolutely loving the fact I can hear them from inside my house. 

Loving- Umm yeah...so my current commute is an hour and 15 minutes one way. Add snow and bad roads make it at least an hour and a half. But next year my commute will be under 10 minutes. I got hired at a local school. It is kinda my dream job! I can't wait to start working with the staff there. 

Thinking- Yes only 25 more days of school. I can make it! I can get everything done that needs to get done. 

Wanting- It has been raining like crazy lately. I know it is a good thing, but it is leaving a swamp so no bonfires in the future. Also I will be camping within the next two weeks, but if the rivers are too high it kinda puts a damper on it. 

Needing- my to-do list is long. A few extra hours would help. 

Surprise- my students are loving the math facts quizzes from Jen Ross's Multiplication and Beyond-Tasty Facts. It is great seeing so many of them being successful!

Happy May!

Sunday, March 2

Currently March

I also love joining in on Farley's fun each month. I am especially loving her new blog design too!

I actually put this together yesterday in the morning so that is why my listening is the furnace. Too quiet for anything else at that time. 

Loving: I signed up for my favorite race again. So did a bunch of my family and friends. It is a triathlon with kayaking instead of swimming. Plus it happens at the Sleeping Bear Dunes. 

Thinking:  Saturday was my fun day. Spent time visiting family and friends!

Wanting: My nails are in bad shape so hence the manicure. I love winter! But it has been a bummer when it is too cold to get out and do much because it is so cold or windy. It's March and I have yet to do go ice fishing. 

Needing: We have to put on an event every quarter. This time around my class is doing a play on Michigan Native Americans legends. Just finished writing it today. Phew something is crossed off my to-do list. 

???: Hint the question is school related. 

Happy March to all!

Wednesday, February 26

Ramblings of A Lost Teacher & Thank You Teachers

I have been absent from this little blog for far too long because I have seem to have lost the magic.
You know the kind that inspires you as a teacher.
The kind that gives you the strength to stay up late into the night to plan, create, followed by printing, laminating and cutting an activity or lesson you know will impact your students learning far better than what you were handed in a book. After all you are the teacher and know how to help your students best.

Yeah mine has been gone. Beatin' out of me by the overwhelming day-to-day events that keep springing up that I have absolutely no control over, but yet need to deal with because once again I am a teacher. It's part of my job.

Somedays I wonder if it will ever change. Most days I have the hope that it will.

I found this article going around this weekend. I let out a cheer! Yes she nailed it! 10s across the board!

Then I saw the comments and all that good feeling was gone.  For the first time ever I wanted to comment to a negative commenter that they were part of the problem. Instead of adding to the negativity I decided to write here.

Here's some facts from what I know about being a teacher, talking, emailing and communicating with other teachers:

What We Do? It varies day to day. We aren't quite sure every morning we arrive at school. Yes we have a plan, but nothing ever goes as planned. We don't know if we have to be a counselor, act like a loving parent, be a meditator, staff member, mentor, be a liason between the school and parent, spend the day testing, some more time managing the classroom as students are super excited about something, listener, supporter,  work on mountains of paper work, repairman to a copier, computer, printer, backpack, projector, locker, pencil sharpener, jewelry, a toy, coat, book or someone's feelings, or if we actually get to teach. Usually it is a combination of most or all of the previous tasks.

Lazy? On a weekly basis I can guarantee teachers have to miss out on family time, dinners, seeing friends, their own child's games or meetings. They usually don't have time to cook a proper meal unless they planned well in advanced. I can also guarantee most teachers have gone to work sick because it is more work to be sick than it is to suck it up and go to work.

Summer breaks? Oh, you mean those days where we create new activities, lesson plans, organization systems, work on curriculum, complete projects, professional development, meetings, college courses, papers but can still fit in a a trip to the beach during the day. Maybe I am overgeneralizing but the ones who truly belong in this profession didn't chose it because of summer breaks.

Overpaided? Yes I know there are some. I have been in the teaching world for the past eight years in different areas around the state. I have yet to find one. I know those who spend hundreds of dollars of their own money on their students or materials they need for their classroom. I know those who completely paid for their additional courses and Master programs because their schools offered no financial support even though those courses and training were required for them to stay licensed and keep their jobs. I also know I could make more money working my summer jobs with less hours than I do as a teacher. Yet I am a teacher.

Those 8-3:30 workdays? If I ever have the power to actually leave school and leave all thoughts of my job, students, my school to-do list at school it would be a dream. Doesn't happen. Ask my friends, boyfriend, or family I can be found discussing and figuring out issues on a Saturday night, grading papers at any hour of any day. Sunday Fundays are planning days in a teacher's world.

What I do know is those teachers, the ones meant for this profession, (yes I know there are bad teachers out there) need RESPECT. More that anything respect is what we need. We spent years being educated to get a classroom. Once we get one we start a whole new education that doesn't stop until we say a final goodbye to our students and classrooms. We play a large part in shaping the future of our communities and country. Please respect us as we do that.

Thank you to all you amazing teachers who have helped to keep me going these last couple months! You are truly inspiring not only to your students but your fellow teachers. I know because I am one of them!

Sunday, January 5

Goals of 2014

It's 2014!!
When I saw that Jessica at First Grade Nest had this linky going on I knew I should join. I am not a big fan of making new year resolutions they seem to big and broad. I would rather make more short term goals. I have been doing this for the past few years with much success. So here are my key resolutions goals:
And now time to break it down to even more defined goals.

Balance is my one little word this year...So I am setting a goal to blog at least once a week. Lately I have so many ideas that when I do (and key word is do) have time to blog I get overwhelmed. 

Need to spend 2 hours every week working on TpT products. I can't tell you how many packets I have started and then got busy with the rest of life. With this goal comes putting in the time to finish my Yeah, Buddy! monthly series. 

Okay this goal is all over, but overall it is...Workout! I need to get back into a routine. I am starting P90x3 tomorrow. My other fitness goals: 
-complete P90x3 program
-complete another triathlon
-do my first half marathon in the fall

I need to cook at 1-2 times a week. I enjoy cooking, but am low on energy when I get home but need to make a plan to help me with this.

I love to travel, but don't have a deep desire to go anywhere right now. This past year I traveled to Washington D.C and loved it. It was a last minute opportunity so let's see what 2014 brings.

I have never been a picky eater and like just about everything. I do want to cook more with quinoa. 

Swimming. I know how to swim but I need to improve on the breathing part. If I am going to continue to do triathlons this is a must.

Phone and computer time. I spend way too much time with these things and yes they are great and make life easier. Yet I also love being able to unplug from it all. 

Crafting. I also get these great ideas and inspirations to create but it seems always at the wrong times. If I make a plan and have an area to do this at crafting won't seem like such a chore.

Sticking to a budget. I sat down over break and created a budget and as long as I stick to it things will be great. 

Happy 2014 to all!!!

Wednesday, January 1

Happy 2014!!!

Ringing in the 2014 the right way... a day of football and enjoying the snow falling down. Once again I get time to join the Currently linky.
Listening: Just a lazy morning here. Just trying to stay warm. 
Loving: Last year I had to go back to school on January 2nd so I am really enjoying my extra days this year. 
Thinking: I need to get ready for the bowl games. I do planning on watching on much as I can. Especially the Rose Bowl- Michigan State Spartans finally made it!
Wanting: I had this brilliant plan to have my lesson plans all set so I could walk in on Monday all prepared. I have everything all set but I am having a hard time with my literacy block as I need to revamp it. 
Needing: Motivation. The rest of my life has seem to be taken over so I am having a hard time balancing this blog and TpT with the rest of my life. I know my one little word for 2014 is Balance. 
Memory: We have gotten so much snow right before Christmas it was so much fun to go snowshoeing and skiing in the snow. Having my sister's Bernese Mountain Dog (who also loves the snow) made it even more fun. 

Happy 2014 to everyone!!

Monday, December 2

Currently December!

It's that time again! I love this linky!!
Listening- As a football fan it is just getting more interesting. 
Loving- Yes I am a winter lover! I love snow! Since I had a whole week off for Thanksgiving (first time this has ever happened and I am quite the fan) I had time to get all my skis out and do some skiing and start plotting deals to get some downhill ski time in. 
Thinking- No matter how well I thought I was prepared for the week, I still have last minute prepping to do. 
Wanting- Totally ties in to what I am loving right now.
Needing- I moved at the beginning of November and still have random boxes here and there to move and unpack. 
Favorite Tradition- White Elephant with one of the sides of my family and our good family friends is my favorite thing. It is all about getting together and enjoying time together. We don't have a meal. We have a ton of appetizers since they fill you up anyways. We don't do presents. It is just white elephant and man, the gifts get creative. We have broke out into dances, silly string fight, and formed alliances to get particular gifts. So much laughing and great memories from this event. Can't wait for this year!