Sunday, November 25

Amelia Bedelia and Apple Pies

Since it is a shortened week and our literacy program is built around teaching the same skills with the same story for five days and I wasn't about to cram it all in when everyone was ready for a break. So it became a review week to focus on summaries and long e. Enter Amelia Bedelia...

Since most of my students have read her stories before it was easy to make predictions and talk about why she does silly things. 

After reading we worked together to identify the beginning, middle and end of the story. From there together we worked to make our summary using the code Somebody Wanted To But, So They. I have to say they rocked this part!! 

On Tuesday we worked on long vowel with activities from Made in First's unit Long Vowels. 

As students worked students also became expert apple choppers and pie dough rollers to make tiny apple pies (just like Amelia).

On Wednesday we got to celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing our pies with the whole class. The other reading group made sugar cookies and pumpkin dip. 

After a few long e games on the Smartboard before reviewing our beginning, middle, and end and summary. Then students wrote their own pie-inspired style...this is a craft I learned from a book festival but tweaked to fit the slice of pie idea...
When finished it looks like a piece of pie with the title of the book on the front. Inside it opens up to three pages. On each page students wrote three key events in complete sentences.

Hope you are enjoying the last day of Thanksgiving break!! Have fun shopping at TpT tomorrow!! I know I will!

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Sara Soucy said...

Those apple pies look good!

Sara :)
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Holly said...

That is adorable!!!! I don't know why you aren't in my "blog roll" anymore...I'm going to go fix that right now!!!!!!

Sorry to be MIA from your blog!


Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Jessica Tobin said...

What a unique idea! I love this! I will need to try this for next Fall. My kids love Amelia Bedelia.

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