Sunday, November 11

Nonfiction Purposes & Measurement Freebie

Lately there has been a big push on using nonfiction texts in the classroom so students get more exposure and interaction with them. The past two weeks ...and in the midst of all the craziness of conferences...we have worked on finding the authors' purpose for the nonfiction text and who would read it based on the purpose or main idea. 

Some of students seem to have a hard time with this so I created four activities for students to work on during Read with Buddy this week. You can find it in my packet called Why and Who? Nonfiction Purposes at my TpT store. 

I created eight different nonfiction titles and after exploring and discussing with their buddy what would be in the text students match up why the author wrote it and what types of readers would be interested in it. 

Also we are working with more and more standard units of measurement. Here is an activity we will be using this week to help compare inches, feet and yards. Click on the picture to grab your own copy!

Can't wait to see my students' faces on Monday morning! My co-teacher and I have cooked up a little surprise for them. Can't wait to share it with you either! Hint: Who is one of the coolest teacher ever?

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