Saturday, November 17

Seatbelts Everyone!!!

Okay so in my mind the coolest teacher ever is Mrs. Frizzle. Since my co-teacher and I like to spice things up and make learning fun, we decided the perfect way to introduce our new science and social studies units was by becoming Mrs. Frizzle!
We had so much fun making our dresses. (Just simple felt add to a Goodwill dress). Our staff loved it; our students knew exactly who we were and had a basic idea why we did it!
I'm Mrs. Frizzle for Earth Resources and She is Mrs. Frizzle for the Desert. 

I know you can't see very well, but my earrings are Earths and her earrings are cacti. And yes that is part of the water cycle on my back. 
Added bonus I could take the resources off my shirt and use them on an anchor chart to start discussing what we get from each resource. 

I see more Mrs. Frizzle days in our future!!

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Ms. Kerri said...

Love this! Mrs. Frizzle is the coolest teacher. I might have to steal this idea.

Cindy Calenti said...

You both look adorable! Great idea!

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