Saturday, December 1

December Currently & Writing Freebie

I love when it is a new month simply for so I can do a Currently. 
So I am watching White Christmas and the songs are stuck in my head and the line where Rosemary Clooney says/sings "I wash my hair in snow" always makes me wonder how you would do that? 
Loving- I love this time of year especially since we have already have had snow & the possibility of a snow day. I love driving around and seeing all the Christmas lights. One of my favorite sights!

Want- Yup it is official I want a dog...badly. Looks like I have to move so I can get a pet. 

RAK- I really tried to come up with this last year. I know I will do Toys for Tots this year.  

We are in midst of completing our published piece for small moment stories. I created these pages for my students to make a book.  

They are yours to use for free {click here}

6 bucket fillers:

Krista Mehrtens said...

I love White Christmas! We love to take a carriage ride through a nearby park to look at all the Christmas lights. So much fun! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you about the puppy. We have a bichon frise, and my family adores her.


Tina Crofts said...

White Chrismtas is the best! I am SO jealous you have had snow. We are still waiting for some. Good luck with the puppy and with getting more sleep =)


Kathy O. said...

It took me a minute to figure out how to comment...but I love that you call comments "bucket fillers" because they really are, aren't they?! Many years back I also had to have a dog. I spent hours "shopping" on That's how I got my beagle, Penny. Two years ago...the urge hit we have our sweetie, Gizmo (a Lhasa Apso). We got both from rescue doggies are not as fun and cute as puppies, but also don't need to be housetrained:) Good luck with finding your new family member!! I am happy your newest follower!!

Kathy O.
Third Grade Doodles

Jackie and Danielle said...

Love that you call your comments bucket fillers! So cute! Thanks for dropping by our blog! We're now your newest followers. =)
-Jackie and Danielle-
Sister Teachers

Mrs. Lindsey said...

Love the meet the author page!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Ms. Rachel said...

Toys for Tots is such a good idea! I could take my students shopping and show them all about giving for someone else!

Ms. Rachel
Ms. Rachel’s Room

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