Thursday, December 13

Gift You Can't Buy Craftivity Freebie

A Gift I Want that You Can't Buy....

I know I shared this writing prompt last December, but I amped it up a bit for this year. 

I know there are times where the meaning of Christmas can seem more about want than its true meaning. One of my mentor teachers used this prompt and honestly what her first graders wrote stopped me in my tracks and almost made me cry. 

Since then I have done it every year to help students remember some amazing things do not cost anything. There will always be those students who have a hard time coming up with this year one came up with they want a rock, while others take it seriously by writing they want to see their dad or want their grandma's knee to be okay. 
Here are some others from this year...
This student wants to have Christmas with her family. 

If you can't see it very well it says, "60,000,000,000,000 snow days!" I like how they are thinking. 

What seven year old doesn't want their two front teeth? 

Here is the writing prompt for you to use. 

The frame is from Amanda at Teaching in a Small Town. The font is from Erin at Creating & Teaching.

To make them I just used one of those small packs of scrapbook paper. Students pick one sheet. 
Fold the paper in half...hamburger style. Then fold a tab on each side to use to glue the present to the paper for the 3-D effect. 

Cut a large triangle and make a tab to use to glue the top of the present on. 

Tie a bow. Add a tag to the bow after students write their name on them. Glue on top of the present. 

As for me the gift I want that you can't buy is enough snow this year to enjoy skiing every day of my Winter Break and do all these skiing with my dad and some friends.  

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