Sunday, January 13

My OLW Project

 is my one little word for this year. 
In the quick summary here is why:
 I live in two places and often feel like I live two lives. I get frustrated shuffling between each and just want to be at the one place I want to be. Needless to say, this shuffling has caused me to complain to just about everyone. However, I must remember this is my choice to do all of this.

Thank goodness for Pinterest and the idea for the gratitude journal. It was my inspiration for this  project. So to help me not feel so negative, limit the complaints, and help see how wonderful things really are. I started this book. 

I know, I know it doesn't look like much on the cover...still need to spruce it up. I am waiting to find the right rub-on letters. But inside is where the magic is...

Instead of focusing on gratitude, each day I look to find at least one thing that made me smile or just brightened up the day. Then I write those items on a special paper that I put on top of all this cute scrapbook paper I put together in the book. I also have all these cute frames, even envelopes to store ticket stubs or notes for events I know that are coming up. 

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Annie V Lang said...

I am really glad you are doing this, Jess! Hope it makes things a lot better for you!

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